Braithwaite After

Malarkey Weathered Wood

Once you’ve owned your home for over a decade, you’re going to start to encounter a number of different problems on your roof. This home had a roof that was 12 years old.

MacDougal After

Malarkey Midnight Black

When the owner called us she thought she had algae cleaning property shingle, but she did not. For this house, we cleaned up this high sloping roof and fitted in some new shingles that will help prevent any future build up of algae.

Summit house after with new roof

Malarkey Midnight Black

This was our very first job as Top Pair Roofing! And it’s amazing to look back and see just how far we’ve come. Starting our new business, we wanted to work with a client we knew and trusted.

roof with new vented Vented Ridge

Vented Ridge installation

One of the most common, and worrying problems, we encounter is insufficient ventilation in homes. This vented ridge installation is a typical example of how we remedy these issues. We removed all the current vents, and replaced them with a vented ridge system.

leaky roof before

Leaky Roof Inspection

With this job, we were called in for a suspected roof leak that turned out to be an issue with the fan unit in the bathroom—the unit hadn’t been properly sealed and was creating moisture which would drip right back into the house.

new roof on large home

Certainteed Landmark Weathered Wood

One thing that often makes homeowners nervous is having different projects at work at the same time—in this instance, our roofing was occurring at the same time as a tree-felling job on the same property. We pride ourselves on being able to manage and organize these situations.

new roof with wind turbine venting

Certainteed Landmark Weathered Wood

Understanding how to use the right approach for each unique house is an integral part of our jobs. On this job ridge Vents would not have allowed for adequate ventilation, instead we used extra attic space to install brown wind turbines

new grey roof with new

Certainteed Granite Gray

One of the things that we take great pride in is our ability to handle more than just the roof for our customers, and this job is a great example of that. We were very excited to be able to work with a fantastic masonry company that helped install a brand new chimney for the owner.

new brown roof shingle detail

Certainteed Resawn Shake

We believe that if someone is paying for a new roof they should receive the very best. On this job as with all of our jobs, it meant replacing the pre-existing metal with brand new materials.