Roof Repair

Roof repairs are a matter of urgency

For so many of our customers, roof repairs are a matter of urgency and last-minute panic, whether that’s due to structural faults, damage, or insurance requirements.

At the most extreme, this has meant us having to come in during the height of a snowstorm, or to come and perform immediately so that they could keep their home insurance, after being disappointed by a previous contractor.

Our repair services:

  • Assessing granule loss
  • Lifting shingles and roof decking
  • Fixing the effects of wind and storm damage
  • Repairing general wear and tear
  • Water diversion
  • Ventilation assessment and installation

Whether it’s because of insurance, there’s been recent inclement weather, or if it’s simply been a while since your last inspection, let us inspect your roof. It will be done on time and without errors, and with our warranty, you can be sure your roof will last a long time.