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Roof Replacement

Put a high-quality finishing touch on your home

Roof Replacement isn’t just about being practical. Whether you’re looking to sell or simply transform your home with a new aesthetic, a new roof from Top Pair can put a high-quality finishing touch on your home.

We deliver on the two things that matter: quality and exceptional customer service

Take a former client of ours who was looking for a roof that would work alongside the red door she already had. This was a home that she had been working on as a retirement home with her partner, a passion project that needed to be exactly the way she wanted, Unfortunately, we didn’t have anything to match in our catalogue, but we were able to source a bespoke option from Mississippi that left her feeling excited about her new home.

This is representative of what we offer here at Top Pair: we want to build quality roofs that can work with the rest of the home to give you the look, style, and build you want.