Certainteed Landmark Weathered Wood

The white material is Diamond Deck, a synthetic product we use in 95% of our jobs, as a scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlay for the shingles.

One thing that often makes homeowners nervous is having different projects at work at the same time—in this instance, our roofing was occurring at the same time as a tree felling job on the same property. We pride ourselves on being able to manage and organize these situations, in this case, that meant co-ordinating drop times and schedules so that we could both make the homeowners’ lives easier.

For any type of jobs going on we ensure we can do our job. Roofing can be high impact, and homeowners think they can’t get anything else done at the same time, but that is not the case. As long as we have all the information, we can coordinate and get it done.